Whey Protein Powder Decisions Made Easy

There aren’t just a few brands of whey protein. There are more like hundreds of brands of whey protein in the United States alone. With this being the case, how will you ever choose the best protein for you? Fortunately, we’ve gone through this question considerably and have worked out way to the best answer for you.

The very first factor you should comprehend is that not all whey protein powders are produced equally. Consequently, you can’t just buy the cheapest protein accessible. Some brands are much more costly because of the ingredients they incorporate in their protein, their reputation to high quality, and also the taste with the actual protein powder. Do not take any of this lightly as they are able to make the distinction in between a drink which you really drink and 1 which you leave in powder form inside your cabinet forever.

While price shouldn’t be an ultimate factor in you selecting your protein, it likewise shouldn’t lead you to paying for the most expensive protein powder. Just about all of the top 5 brands of proteins will give you good quality, so, in that sense, you won’t get much difference between these brands assuming that the protein has the same ingredients. In fact, we would recommend you don’t purchase the most expensive protein in most cases. Often times, there are quality sales going on with certain brands that you should be taking advantage of to create the best deal for you.

When it comes to ingredients, you should be aware of a few things. Some protein powders are accompanied by creatine as well. Creatine in protein will increase the price of the protein substantially. While creatine will help you gain muscle and weight, it also isn’t for everyone. Do some research on creatine and make sure you are comfortable with taking it before you purchase protein with creatine.

Other protein might be in weight gainer form. These weight gainers generally taste better than lone protein powders, but they also carry significant calories. If you are looking to gain weight, this won’t be an issue. However, if you want to get more ripped, you should avoid these proteins. Also, gram for gram, you will be paying more for your protein than if the protein was in pure form.

Finally, keep an eye on amino acids. Amino acids are what make up the proteins. A complete set of amino acids in your protein will allow your body to better absorb the protein and will therefore give you more value for the protein that you do purchase. Check the back label and compare your final choices based on the amino acids they give. If one seems to be significantly more than the other, go with that brand. You can also consider buying amino acids individually if you want to enhance your protein.

Buying protein can be a challenging endeavor. Stick with the brands you know and recognize, look for the best deals and make sure you stick with pure protein to get the best value.

James has been studying Protein Supplements for over 30 years as both a semi-professional bodybuilder and a PhD in nutrition. Let him share his insider secrets on whey protein powder to get you started on the right foot!

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