Where Can I Buy Pepper Spray?

With the increasing crime rate across the nation, we need to be more alert and prepared for any instance of crime that may come and threaten us. Pepper spray, also known as OC spray (Oleoresin Capsicum), is just one form of safety measure that can be used to defend ourselves against attackers who intend to hurt or harm you. A small container can easily disperse enough chemical to confuse your attacker by causing temporary blindness for 15-30 minutes, long enough for you to escape. Most of these sprays also contain a UV dye that is not visible to the attacker and takes several days to wear of, this can be of value to the police if the individual is caught. Some also have CS in them, this is similar to riot control gas that police use it causes uncontrolled choking and coughing.

[Where To Buy Pepper Spray]

This is also good for hikers, backpackers, etc. who frequently may be alone in a remote area and need some form of protection.eBay-not a great selection, but a good start.Online websites-look for those selling personal safety and security products, most will have many different types and sizes.Safety seminars-these may be through work or at the library for free. Often times the speaker has items to sell after the safety seminar.This is where I bought my first pepper spray.Flea markets & swap meets

Since there are so many sizes and types of pepper spray, you need to think about how and when you might need to use it. There are also pepper gels and pepper foam, having different types of coverages and spray ranges. Sprays range from 10% to 18% strength, and some have identifying dyes and tear gas included in the spray. Also, your state may have restrictions on the type and strength of the pepper spray, so make sure you check. Sizes range from oz. and up. There are sprays that attach to your key chain, some that attach to your car visor, and larger ones to keep in a safe place at home. Whatever size spray you chose, make sure you try a practice spray in a safe place so you’re ready if you ever need it.

BUYING FROM A LOCAL STORE: Buying mace spray or oleoresin capsicum spray from a local store is the best option if you need to have it right now. This way, you do not have to wait for it to be shipped and can have quick access to the product. The problem with this is that most local hardware stores or department stores know very little to nothing about the product. So finding the right spray for your situation will be up to you. The thing to consider is that you can buy the product from a local store, then go ahead and do some research online and have a can or two on reserve, in case you need it.

BUYING FROM AN ONLINE STORE: The only disadvantage to buying from an online store is waiting for the spray to be delivered. Normally, after you place your order, you can expect 3-5 days for delivery. However, there are many advantages to making your purchase online. You can shop around and find the most competitive pricing and discounts. There are several stores online that specialize in only self defense sprays. Many of these have trained staff available to help you determine which pepper spray is right for you, and answer questions about how to use the sprays, etc. When buying online, make certain that you are dealing with a company that knows the product.

HISTORY OF OC: 1973 was the year pepper spray (also known as OC spray) was first manufactured as an aerosol. At that point only law enforcement agencies and the United States Postal Department used pepper spray as an aid to:Control suspects.Keep angry dogs at a safe distance.Defense spray should not be treated casually simply because it is easily available; it is a very powerful substance and should be used with forethought and caution. Pepper spray has the ability to help someone out of a life-threatening situation if used properly.

Besides buying pepper spray at a store, you can buy it from several places online. Why go out and waste gas when you can easily get what you want online.Pepper spray’s main ingredient is oleoresin capsicum, which is a chemical that is derived from cayenne peppers. The main thing to remember when you buying your spray is to make sure you get the best stuff out there. You want something with the highest amount of active ingredient. Make sure its a hot one so you don’t have to worry about your assailant getting back up. That’s the ultimate goal here.

If you have chosen to use Mace Pepper Spray then you have made a wise decision. It will stop a potential attacker in their tracks from a comfortable distance. This small device is affordable, easy to use, and extremely efficient and will take complete control of the attacker and put them at your mercy. Preparation and paying close attention to your surroundings is what it’s all about. Keep Mace pepper spray throughout your home, on yourself, and in your car. The criminal mind isn’t going to give you a moment to find your weapon and it certainly isn’t going to do you any good if you aren’t carrying it.

Most grown-ups come out in office clothes, toting unwieldy bags and hefty suitcases, hands tied to cell phones and personal effects, none of which makes us ready to come face to face with an attacker. We do not step out of the house anticipating trouble. Most adults have desk jobs and little to no self-defense skills. With the mace pepper spray, literally, attackers do not get to come face to face with us.

While defense sprays are available (in most instances) over-the-counter, there may be state laws affecting their use. Most retail establishments should have this clearly posted, if not be certain to ask. Since your purchase is likely for all the right reasons, you wouldn’t want to break the law inadvertently. If you have difficulty determining the law, either do an online search or call your local law enforcement agency and simply ask.When considering your purchase think about a scenario where the pepper mace must quickly be deployed, could you place your hands on it in seconds? With that thought consider a “Hip Holster” (basically a belt clip). A defense spray holster makes grabbing the canister as easy as reaching for your cell phone.When you buy OC spray or tear gas, you’re in essence buying peace of mind knowing if danger does strike, you’ll have defensive measures in the palm of your hand.Final Note: When using a dog pepper spray keep in mind that some dogs may not have the proper mechanism for draining the tears out of the lachrymal gland (tear duct). Therefore, it is important to use an EPA approved canine repellent spray that has a lower concentration of oleoresin capsicum.

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