When do you give your dog supplements?

I asked my vet, he said some protein supplements wouldn't hurt my dog, and it may help her coat. Does anyone have experience giving their pet supplements? What do different supplements do for them?

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  1. matlock49er says:

    i give my dog garlic pills for his coat and to keep fleas away, every night after dinner he takes them and he knows when its time and he hears the bottle and comes running

  2. DEADGAME! says:

    I DON'T.
    I don't waste money on useless gimmicks.
    My feed is "complete & balanced".

    EXCESS protein DAMAGES kidneys!

  3. Proud owner of 6 cats and 2 dogs says:

    I give my dogs Glucosamin supplements to keep their joints healthy. If your dog needs more protein switch to a higher protein food like Evo, Before Grain, Canidae, Blue Wilderness, Horizon Legacy, Artemis Maximal, Instinct, Orijen, Taste of the Wild or Wellness Core.

  4. AngryDonald says:

    Just food and water will be sufficient

    Mattlock: I can't imagine what your dogs breath must smell like……

  5. I give my Chi a suppliment for her joints ( per her vets advise). I just got some one's that are like treats.

  6. Protein should be supplied by her food, not a supplement. Find a good quality food. While many foods have added supplements like glucosamine & chondroitin for joint health, it may be in such small amounts as to provide little benefit. A salmon oil supplement can help her coat.

    High protein foods were once thought to promote kidney dysfunction or failure. But the experiments were done on rats, not dogs. There is no evidence that high protein leads to kidney failure. High protein can be an issue if a dog is in kidney failure already, or has an existing but asymptomatic kidney problem.




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