Whats the fastest way to reduce muscle mass?

The reason i want to reduce my muscle mass is because i have to much.

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  1. Do nothing

    (unless you’re ethiopian, then you can take 2000mile runs for no reason) – Preferably without the amount of carbs they take in.

  2. Aerobic exercise. Lay off any heavy resistance exercises until you reach your goal. Stick to your normal diet. Since you are not fat you must be eating right. If anything reduce any fat intake to a minimum and back off on any food or drink that contains a lot of sugar.

  3. i was 190 of muscle and 9% body fat a few weeks ago now im only 160. just run run and run some more, slow down on weight lifting and drink alot of water threw out the day it will keep you feeling full, it worked for me… dam i regret loosing muscle mass i got a hole lot of stretch marks from it around my shoulder and back,..

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