What’s the difference between building muscle and building mass?

In order to build muscle mass, do I first have to build muscle? I am very confused. I have been lifting weights for 2 months and I am toning up, but I want to bulk up my legs and hips. How? Repetitions/weights? What should I be eating? (Currently 1200-1400 calories daily) I don't want my upper body any larger. Is this what you call weight distribution? A lot of questions, I know… Give me your best shot.

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  1. MGopher007 says:

    Higher reps at a lower weight will tone the muscle mass that you already have. Lower reps with much higher weight will add bulk.

    If you are happy with your upper body, definitely go with a weight that you can throw around at 10-14 reps per set, upping the weight around 10% every week to two weeks.

    Legs, 6-8 reps per set at high weight. You should shoot for a good 10-15% advance every two weeks, depending on how much you lift.

    If you are working in a good cardio 3 or 4 times a week, you want at least 2000-2500 calories each day. Your muscles need those calories or you will slow down your bulk/toning and hit your "wall" much sooner.

  2. Concentrate on lifts with heavier weights rather than more reps.

  3. uttoransen says:

    better, go to gym,

  4. jquasimodot says:

    Working out – Eating a lot.

  5. Always Right says:

    More weight, fewer reps. Only work out the body parts you want to build.

  6. wildbill05733 says:

    Building mass could be called 'getting fat'. Muscles do turn fatty if not exercised. By increasing your caloric intake, and include plenty of proteins, you can gain bulk and muscle.

  7. Muscle=Mass

    Definately more weights, not high reps…

    Work more on your legs too…and just maintain the upper…

    Try reducing your carbs to 1000 and increasing you protien…

    Work on Squatting, Leg press, leg curls and calf raises
    More weight will build more muscles in these areas…

    Good Luck!

  8. Concentrate on compound exercise verses isolated exercises. High volume with low repetitions will increase muscle mass.

  9. lengthyboi says:

    mass is the term for the proprtion in which your body looks you can get good mass and bad mass, if you want to bulk up you want to be eating 2 carbs to 1 protein around 150-200g of protein per day and around 2500 calories as long as you do light cardio to burn off you fat calories you can go higher in the calories. aim for 10 reps first set 8 reps second set and 8 to 6 reps third you can do another set if you wish. try squats, lying leg curls, lunges, hip abductors and adductors, leg extensions and standing calf raises. best of luck 😉

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