What’s the best and/or quickest way to build muscle mass on the inside and outside of the upper arm?

I have been able to consistently work on my biceps and triceps, but I can’t seem to find a way to build muscle on the sides of my upper arm; just off the side of the bicep. In other words, it’s not the height of the muscle I’m concerned about, it’s the width. My forearms are wide due to muscle mass but my upper arm still has some catching up to do. Any suggestions? Keep in my mind I only have dumbells available at home until I can afford the gym membership.

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  1. resistnzisfutl says:

    What you’re referring to is actually also part of your triceps. In your routine, try targeting them a little differenty by doing reverse tricep pushdowns or reverse close-grip bench presses, see if that makes a difference. Hammer grip tricep extensions should also help.

  2. I would work more on your triceps, tricep dips, tricep extension.

    Here’s an anatomy site. It lists all the muscles of the body. One reason for your difficulty is that there aren’t actually any muscles on the sides of your upper arm. It’s just the biceps and triceps that move your elbow. Since the triceps make up 2/3 of the upper arm it should help you reach your goal if the triceps are bigger and stronger.

    You could also do straight arm raises for your shoulders. If your deltoids are larger that might give you more balance with your forearms.

    I’m a fitness trainer.

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