What’s Scabies?

Once the word scabies is mentioned a lot of people automatically visualize a illness which can be associated with those who are filthy and unclean.

It’s true, that a large number of cases do tend to be noted amongst the desolate population where good hygiene is virtually impossible however, folks from any background can be infected and there may be contamination in care homes, hospitals and other facilities in which individuals “live in.”

In all, around Three hundred million situations are believed to happen around the world each year.

So, what exactly is scabies?

Scabies is usually a skin condition which is extremely contagious. The disease is brought on by a tiny mite referred to as “itch mite” or to have its right name Sarcoptes scabiei. This 8 legged parasite might only be 1/3 of a millimeter long but when you are infested with these mites burrowing into the skin the chronic itching they bring about can bring much misery – specifically at night.

In the matter of human scabies it is the female mite that attacks. She burrows just under your skin, and creates a tunnel in which she lays her eggs. In two to three weeks the eggs hatch and the newly born mites make their way to the skins surface.

The itch mite cannot jump or fly, it may only crawl which means that the only way the infestation can be passed from person to person is through skin to skin contact. Making it difficult to move mites where clothing makes contact, or by shaking hands with an infected individual.

The most frequent means of transporting the disease is through sexual interactions but other types of physical contact just like parents having direct connection with their children when possibly hugging them. This too might be adequate to cause the spread of scabies.

It can be really worth noting that scabies contracted by dogs and cats does not spread to human beings, animals are contaminated by a different kind of mite.

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