What’s a Medical Records Technician? – Part 1

A medical records technician performs a variety of jobs in processing and maintaining medical records. Their job is extremely important in making sure the health of patients and the efficient running of a medical facility.

Medical records technician job description

It is the responsibility of a medical records assistant to manage patient medical records. This involves completing the information on a patient such as medical history, the patient’s health worries, the diagnosis of their status, tests carried out, test results, treatment plans, medicine, admission slips and discharge summaries. In reality they log all of the happenings to a patient in a health care facility. This suggests a medical records technician has to correctly collect patient info from the doctor or the hospital dept to compile the medical record. They also need to review records to ensure they are accurate and complete and that all forms are in the proper format and correctly signed.

A medical records clerk ensures the records are organized by alphabetical order or a numeric system of filing. They locate files for doctors, sign them out and distribute to the proper departments.

Medical records technicians need to be au fait with computer systems and software as they need to store and retrieve information using the computer, as well as preparing patient reports and typing correspondence to the patient. Some of the PC programs used are Welford chart notes, electronic medical EMR software, eClinical software, idealist Office PM and DRG grouper software for specifing files.

It is generally part of the medical records technician job description to write probabilistic reports such as deaths, long term care and insurance claims. Much of their work also involves general clerical duties like answering the telefone and faxes, handling correspondence and organizing appointment schedules. Duties vary depending on the size of the setting in which the medical records technician works.

A medical records assistant needs to have good communication skills as they'll be liaising with a range of folk to obtain, explain and present information. They have to be accurate and pay close attention to detail as it is crucial for the patients ‘ contentment that their records are exact. It's also essential for a medical records technician to maintain confidentiality and to follow instructions, performing their job inside pre-established tenets.

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