What You Should Know About Becoming A Portland Midwife

Becoming a professional midwife has over the years become a legitimate career option for many individuals. This has become a respected health care profession regardless of the past misconception of the term in ancient times. The main role of a midwife is to handle pregnancy, childbirth and offer prenatal and postnatal care to women. To become a certified Portland midwife, consider reading some of the tips below.

Professional training for midwives is offered in various career institutions, particularly in universities and colleges. You can either opt for a full term Bachelors degree course, associates which takes two years or a certification course that takes six months. The program you choose is highly dependent on the qualifications you have. Whether you are a high school graduate or a nurse who wants to change career, there are some basics you should know.

Enrollment to a midwifery course is the first important step to undertake. You can choose among the many training institutions available. You can also opt for online classes that are offered to suit those that have busy schedules. Before enrolling for any course, it is crucial to make sure that the training school you choose is fully accredited by the professional regulatory board.

The next step is completing the clinical training hours required for the program. The on-site training process requires a lot of time and often comprises the largest part of the entire training. This is required so as to ensure that you fully understand all details of the profession. Exposure to clinical settings helps you gain skills and knowledge on how to become a midwife. Individuals who take online courses are required to attend a local community health center for clinical exposure.

Once you have successfully completed the midwifery course, you have to pass the certification and license exams. Qualification exams have to be passed before you are granted the legal opportunity to practice your profession. The certification exams are usually offered in computer based formats at your training school or various testing centers accredited by the American Midwifery Certification Board.

After getting certified, you have to maintain a professional working status every three years. Re-certification exams also have to be done every five years. Certain guidelines have to be understood before taking exams. It is also important to stay prepared both financially and academically for the exams. The average cost of exams is $500.

Various personal traits and qualities are also required when getting into this profession. Although you are most likely to get all the necessary skills from the training program, some qualities are recommended. Being respectful, a good listener, having good communication skills and able to interact well with people are all beneficial. For better understanding, the course comes with a syllabus outlining how best to handle patient needs.

After getting certified as a professional Portland midwife, you can choose among various career paths available. There are many options available such as working in hospitals, birth centers and health departments. You can also offer actual services or consultations on independent childbirth, pregnancy care, hospital associated practice and others. The profession is rewarding in terms of payment and shows tremendous opportunity for more growth.

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