What You Need To Understand About Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal is a technique applied to remove strands from either the face or body. This is carried out by using an extremely fine electrode shaped like a needle into each follicle in order to destroy the root. The strand is therefore removed with tweezers. This is the only technique that FDA has approved to deal with this problem permanently.

Excessive growth of strands is as a product of change in the hormones or heredity in some people. Some other factors that could stimulate the growth of hairs are use of certain drugs, when one becomes sick and temporary techniques of removing strands. Usually, people love when their hair grows really long but when you experience the growth at the wrong side of the body, like the chin, for women, or the upper lip, then one might consider electrolysis.

Because there are many factors that contribute to the growth, it is advisable that one goes for various electrolysis visits. The total number of visit a person is required to go for in order to remove the strands permanently varies from persons to persons. A lot of clients would return weekly when they know it is necessary. Nevertheless, the unwanted hair is completely lost once an individual has completed the procedure. It could take about 15 minutes to one hour for each procedure to be performed.

A lot of individuals complain that the procedure is painful. However, it does not really cause much discomfort. Using the recent techniques, the amount of discomfort has been lessened to an itchy effect. Occasionally the expert that is carrying out the treatment might use a topical anesthetic on you. Depending on the individual’s sensitivity, the pain level differs from one person to the other.

This method was invented over 100 years ago and it was used in removing irritating eyelash hairs. One can use this method for removing unwanted hairs from different parts of the body including the face, eyebrows, abdomen, legs, breasts and thighs. It has the best results as compared to other methods.

Using this technique does not leave permanent side effects. You will notice after the treatment has been carried out, that the skin might turn red a little bit but this might last for a little time. Unlike the use of bleaches and depilatories, this method is safer since there in is no use of bad chemicals.

There are three kinds of electrolysis mainly galvanic, shortwave diathermy and blend electrolysis. A specialized therapist should advice you on the type that is right for you. This will depend on the strength and density of the strands, one’s skin type and tolerance and the area that one wants treatment of the unwanted strands.

It is also advisable to research properly prior to getting the treatment in order to find a competent person. This is because, a wrong move may cause you unnecessary pain and you may result to going for several treatment sessions. Finding a qualified therapist ensures that the process is carried out professionally to attain the results one desires. With this information concerning electrolysis hair removal one will be definitely guaranteed of making a prudent and an informed choice concerning permanent hair removal technique.

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