What type of supplements are good for improving a persons liver?

My cousin has asked me to post the question for him. He has elevated SGPT, SGOT, and BILIRUBIN levels and is wondering if there is a supplement or medication that he could get to help lower those levels in his liver.
SGPT- 95 (Normal range 7-56)
SGOT-45 (Normal range 8-40)
BILIRUBIN – 1.6 (Normal range 0.2-1.3)

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  1. Sunlight will help lower the bilirubin levels, this is the best and easiest way.Conditions that can raise the SGOT include: Acute MI; Biliary/liver disease; Acute pancreatitis; Musculoskeletal disease (Muscular dystrophy); Rheumatoid arthritis; Asthma; Brucellosis; Parasites, occasionally; Essential hypertension; Alcoholism; Miscellaneous (tissue injury: surgery, irradiation; stroke; Congestive heart failure). If he has any of these, there are many vitamins that may help, but diagnosis needs to be specific. Does he have hepatitis?
    These are some good ones:
    1. Stop drinking- avoid alcohol
    2. Balance protein and amino acids- Work with a knowledgeable health professional to determine that amount of protein or specific amino acids that will meet your daily needs without overtaxing your liver
    3. Taking 1,200 mg of SAMe a day can improve liver function, bile flow, and survival.
    4. Try milk thistle- Protect liver cells and improve function by taking a daily herbal supplement delivering 420 to 600 mg of silymarin
    5. Take 900 mg a day of phosphatidylcholin to improve liver function .

    These most likely will help- taking any vitamin will usually help!
    Hope this helps you out.

  2. I don’t know what those problems are or his other medical history,but he may want to do some sort of detox(depending on his general health).Take vitamins.Milk thistle is a good herbal supplement for the liver.

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