What Type Of Loan Should You Apply For?

I am a widow and have two daughters. The youngest is soon joining the eldest in university. My income is not enough, or no longer enough for all expenses. I mean, for our household expenses alone, my income would be sufficient but not when I have to pay for another college tuition and enrollment fee.

Right now, I am considering availing short term cash loans. This type of loan can be availed through banks. The maturity date is within 60 to 120 days from the day the loan is received. The terms, however, can be expanded up to one to three years, depending on the bank’s policies and the amount of money being borrowed.

As what is expected, we need to give collateral to the bank, as a requirement. This is on top of all documents required to prove my capacity to repay the loan. Banks don’t mind whether I am borrowing a big or small amount of money from them, as long as I could provide all necessary requirements. It can take some time to have the loan approved as the bank needs to check my credit score.

There is another option I am considering and that is the payday loans with no credit check. This is a type of a payday loan that has fast approval guarantee. I only need to provide my ID, a copy of my paystub and a post-dated check and they’ll approve my loan. Payday loans with no credit check are unsecured loans. They are offered through internet or several kiosks within cities. The name of the loan indicates that the lender will not be checking my credit history. However, the nature of this loan is short-term so I have to be paying the principal amount plus interest rates on the next payday.

Cash advance loans online is also a category under payday loans and this is the most convenient type. I could fill out and submit the forms through the web and wait 24 hours to get my money. However, the credibility of the lender must be assured as there are many scammers online. Most online loans will give me a time of 15 days to return the money and a three day extension is considered.

On the other hand, Payday loans with no credit check,you may opt for payday loans with no credit check .Cash advance loans online is able to have a speedy service but you must be keen in recognizing the legitimacy of the lender to keep you and your money safe.

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