What To Expect When You Quit Smoking Marijuana

It is not simple to stop smoking marijuana, just as it is difficult to cease any everyday habit. There are a few aspects of quitting marijuana use that you should consider before you actively stop; this prevents you from being caught by surprise should they occur. The aspects of quitting that you should research include the withdrawal symptoms you may endure, when you are most likely to relapse, and how many times you may fail at quitting before you achieve success. This article aims to offer useful tips and tricks that can improve your chances of successfully stopping marijuana usage the first time you try.

Sativa is a tall plant and usually has a brighter, lighter shade of green than the other varieties of cannabis. Its leaves are like narrow, long blades, and its flowers are usually appear more feathered and “fluffy” than those of an Indica. As a result of their simultaneous growing and flowering patterns, Sativa flowers weigh less and are usually less dense than those of a Indica plant. The long fibers of the Sativa plant make it the preferred choice for industrial cannabis.

There are numerous withdrawal effects that you may experience as you wean yourself off of cannabis. You must remember that, as unpleasant as they may be, the effects of marijuana withdrawal are not permanent and will disappear with relative haste. Within two weeks’ time, in fact, your withdrawal symptoms should have entirely vanished. You must have a working knowledge of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience, but you need to also understand when you are most likely to relapse.

If marijuana users are going to relapse, it generally happens fairly soon after they decide to stop smoking. The majority of marijuana relapses, in fact, take place within just one week of the user’s choice to stop smoking. This is because the body is still going through withdrawal, and the user has not gotten rid of their dependency on cannabis, making it easy to start smoking again. Successfully making it through the first seven days after deciding to quit using marijuana is essential, and you need to have a strong support network that may include family, friends, or trained therapists.

Bear in mind, if you do experience a relapse, that many former marijuana smokers did not successfully stop using the drug on their first try. There is evidence to suggest that the majority of successful tries to stop using marijuana are not the user’s first. This information is not intended to dissuade you from making every effort to succeed at your first attempt, and it is best, of course, to actually quit using marijuana on the first try. You shouldn’t, though, give up if your first attempt results in a relapse. It is important to keep trying, over and over if necessary, to quit using marijuana if that is truly what you want for your life.

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