What to drink if you are quitting coffee?

Caffeine free drinks are any drinks that don't contain any caffeine. There are lots of drinks that are naturally caffeine free such as fruit juices, water, and milk to name a few. Many drinks have natural amounts of caffeine such as tea and coffee. There are lots of manufactured drinks that contain caffeine like most soda brands and hot chocolate. All of these drinks can be bought in caffeine free types, which is favorable to lots of folk because too much caffeine can have unfavorable influences on the body.

Caffeine free drinks have become very hip since information started coming out about the unfavorable effects of caffeine. Caffeine comes from plants and falls into the group of psychoactive drugs because it excites the nervous system. This stimulation makes you feel more awake and dynamic and also has many bad effects on the body, and that is why many people avoid caffeine and drink organic coffee substitutes.

Some of the negative effects of caffeine are shocks, anxiety, raised blood pressure, irritation, headaches, insomnia, and depression. Another major problem associate with the intake of large amounts of caffeine is gallstones, usually connected with drinking large amounts of soda, and weight gain. People that suffer these effects will switch to caffeine free drinks.

Beverages that don't contain caffeine have all the same taste as their caffeinated counterparts, without the bad results of caffeine attached. Folks that give up using caffeine can expect some or all of the following withdrawal problems, headaches, fatigue, longings, shaking, cramps, shivers, queasiness, and puking.

To cut back the withdrawal problems, it's a sensible idea to wean yourself from caffeine gradually. A great way to do this is to stay with steady coffee but switch to caffeine free soda. If you're a tea drinker, stay with tea and change your soda. What works the best for you is dependent on how much caffeine your body is conform to, and which drinks you drink. Whatever you decide to do switching to caffeine free drinks can be of benefit to your general fitness.

Ralph Layes makes an attempt to stay healthy by choosing caffeine free drinks when possible. His top coffee substitute is certified organic.

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