What to Do to Improve Memory

Have you ever had that feeling you're forgetting something and the worst part is, you can not really remember what it is! Well, I know what you feel and the solution to this is to do some things to boost your memory.

Now if you are already an adult, I am sure you're thinking that you might be a little too decrepid and that your poor memory is just part of age. Well, that's true but there are many ways that you can do to counter the consequences of memory loss.

These are some of the most straightforward methods to boost your memory.

Live a Carefully balanced Way of life

And when I say a “balanced lifestyle,” that would include correct eating habits, regular exercise and about 7 hours asleep every day.

When you follow a well-balanced way of life, you will reinforce your ability to process and recall info much faster and more exactingly. Physical activity increases oxygen to your grey matter and this can definitely enhance your memory. It could also help increase and defend your brain cells.

You need to also eat sensible food. Some foods that are proven to enhance memory would include berries, nuts and wholegrain.

Also remember to never underestimate the importance of having a good sleep. Your grey matter will be able to focus more and better if your brain is relaxed and has had the rest that it requires. Before, study proves that we need at least eight hours of sleep everyday but latest studies realize that seven hours is the final number to improve memory.

Abacus Mathematics Methodology

The Abacus math method is a revolutionary learning technique that's basically beneficial in learning maths. This is particularly for kids however it can be taught and learned to adults too.

With the abacus maths method, someone would develop a better memory since you would be spending time with the abacus and understanding how each bead works. It promotes better brain function and it can truly have long-term effects in your memory’s improvement.

Repeat and Practice

The more that you repeat about something, the higher your possibilities are of maintaining and recalling that information. When you're intended to do a job, ensure that you repeat that task repeatedly. At least 3 times. Some studies imply that hearing something three times in a row will help you in recollecting.

Also, if you're trying to develop a habit, make sure that you repeat and practice that task for a minimum of 21 times consecutively. Repeating an act 21 times would develop a habit. For instance, if you are supposed to take your tablets at 4:00 in the afternoon each day, use an alarm clock to remind you about that- at least for the first 21 days.

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