What To Do To Get A Pell Grant Scholarship

Sen. Claiborne Pell from Rhode Island sponsored the Basic Educational Oppotunity Grants . Soon after, it was termed as Pell Grant due to the senator’s enormous share. Pell Grant is a federal scholarship given to deserving students from low-income families. As opposed to a student loan, this grant is offered solely by the government without the need of repayment.

In order to qualify for the scholarship, an applicant for Pell Grant eligibility needs to hurdle a few important requirements as mentioned in the following:

* The student has to be a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen.

* Absolutely no criminal conviction records or hasn’t served time in any state or Federal prison.

* Must have a high school diploma or GED.

* Must be enrolled in an undergraduate course in any of the 4,500 participating institutions in the US.

* The parents of the applicant needs to have an annual earnings of $50,000 or much less.

When the student is qualified, he or she should accomplish a form given by Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) . You may choose to call FAFSA for a form or obtain them online. Once done, you may submit it back in the online site or mail it to their location. You have to generate a PIN in the website to certify your application. The whole process usually takes between two to ten weeks but you can always do a follow-up online.

The acceptance of the application for Pell Grant eligibility significantly relies on the expected family contribution known as EFC which will be looked into by FAFSA. Applicants who have an EFC of $5,273 or less than that are usually awarded with the grant. They also look into the program you are enrolled to and the expense of attendance which takes care of the tuition fee, books, and boarding expenses, etc. The number of years to finish the course is also considered. Smaller amounts are allocated for short courses. Furthermore, it is advisable to sign up immediately since there are chances that larger finances are provided to first applicants.

Do you believe you will be entitled to Pell Grant Eligibility? Find out the requirements here Pell Grant Eligibility.

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