What To Do If You Have A Blind Pimple

A blind pimple looks somewhat like a boil because it doesn’t come to a head and it remains beneath your skin’s surface. A blind pimple can be very large and normally looks red and irritated and does not have pus inside. These blind boils are caused by overactive skin oil glands which lead to excessive production of sebum. This overproduction causes skin pores to get obstructed. Blocked pores attract dirt and germs, which results in an infection in the skin. An effective blind pimple treatment is needed.

In this sort of pimple there is no head to allow pus caused by the deep seated infection to empty. The very best blind pimple treatment is salicylic acid, which is extremely effective in moving trapped sebum to the skin surface. There are numerous over the counter remedies available that contain this effective ingredient.

To remove a blind boil, you need to turn it into a pustule (a pimple full of pus). One method to do this is to use a cotton bud dipped in hot water placed against the affected area. Continue doing this several times until the boil forms a head. If you are lucky, you may find that this blind pimple treatment eliminates the blemish completely, without it forming a head. There are also home remedies that can help to clear this kind of pimple; for example, honey is a natural antibacterial agent, well known because of its healing properties. All you need to do is to use a dab of honey in the same way you would put on ointment to the affected spot.

If your boil does form a head, wash your skin then hold your face over a basin of boiling water to open pores. Use a tissue over your fingers to allow you to firmly press upon each side of the blemish without the fear of your fingers slipping. If this is not successful after a few attempts, it is best to leave this blemish alone and try once more the next day. The reason being that trying too hard to squeeze spots which are not ready to ‘pop’ may end up with you creating a scar on the skin.

As with all types of acne, prevention is better than cure! In order to prevent this type of blind pimple, you may want to look into the possible causes more closely. A healthy diet plan will be the first step. Cut out the unhealthy foods and fatty, processed foods and replace these with fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and plenty of water. Not only will your skin look clearer and fresher, you’ll feel much better.

Another factor that can help in addition to the treatment tips outlined above is to leave your skin free from make-up for at least one day every week. It is certainly true that a few cosmetics and skin care products can actually trigger skin problems and irritation. If your skin is sensitive, it is usually better to stay with unperfumed, gentle, natural products whenever you can.

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