What To Do If You Can’t Control Your Cravings For Sugar And You Keep On Gaining Weight

You are born with an incessant drive to seek out sugar. You see, sugar is the most rapidly processed form of energy that you can eat.

Unfortunately, the speed with which sugar is digested can block fat burning in your body.

So here is what to do if you can’t control your cravings for sugar:

1. Have tea in its most powerful form: When taken at the right dose, loose leaf teas can be just as powerful as any diet pill. The key here is to not abuse the teas or your blood sugar will drop so much that once the effect wears off you will be hungrier than ever.

2. Use fake sugar: Artificial sweeteners taste almost identical to regular sugar, the technology has come a very long ways. The key here is to not overdo it since we still don’t know if long term consumption is safe. Stick with no more than a couple servings per day.

3. Cover half of your plate with vegetables: This will help you get very full on very little calories. And this feeling of fullness will help ward off any cravings for sugar. Even better, you will lower the digestion of whatever you are eating.

4. Increase your meal frequency: The more frequently you eat the less likely it is that your blood sugar will drop. And once your blood sugar drops your body will seek out dietary sugar to reestablish balance. So eat very frequently.

5. Sleep well: Don’t let your sleep schedule get all out of whack. Once your sleep schedule is unreliable your cravings for food and sugar will increase. You see, sleep debt increases your cravings for carbohydrates in addition to burning lean muscle tissue.

6. Give in: If sugar is constantly on your mind then go ahead and give in. This will serve as a release on the pressure valve of your craving. The key here is to give in for a very limited amount of time. Contain the indulgence to one meal only.

An incontrollable craving for sugar will make it very hard to get in shape. So make sure you take action on the advice here!

Writer Katherine Crawford, a fitness physiologist and former fat arms sufferer, instructs on her sleeveless in 7 review of different diets. Unearth how to get sexy arms by exploring her blog with the sleeveless in 7 review of different programs now!

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