What supplements should it take to get faster?

I’m 15 and just recently looked through some supplements that could help me in track.
I want to try playing football next year so i want to get bigger and faster.
I am 5’6 and weight 121lbs. I was thinking what type of supplements would help me?
So far I’ve seen creatine, whey protein, and vitamin C&E as good supplements.
So what supplements should i take and some good and cheap brands of each one.

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  1. Speed work, sprinting etc will get you faster. Supps will only aid in recovery but will not make you faster. A quality chemical free whey protein minus the fillers and additives is a great choice along with a multivitamin. I found a good inexpensive whey protein at http://www.buybulkwhey.com

  2. Uh supplements aren’t going to make you faster… they can HELP get you bigger but they aren’t at all necessary.

    Creatine – very good and pretty cheap for building muscle (make sure you are drinking almost a gallon of water a day if you are going to take creatine)

    Whey Protein – Very good source of protein which is what you need to build muscle.

    Vitamins in general are good for your health and will promote muscle growth.

    The best supplement you can get for building muscle is food… eat eat eat and lift weights and you will see muscle gains. Also the only way to get faster is to do sprint workouts.

  3. Whey Protein is a good way to put on weight if you want to bulk up. As far as which one, they are all going to do something for you and everyone’s bodies are different and everyone has their favorite so I’d say just find one that works for you and that you like. If you know people that take protein (to save money) then ask them to try theirs to see how it taste I’ve wasted money on some only to find out that I’d rather throw it away than drink it. Creatine does give instant ups, but also has long term problems do as you wish, but I stay away from things that will damage my body. Currently there is a new supplement that a lot of Triathletes and Pro Fighters are using for Stamina and better workout recover called MaxGXL, some say their recovery time is halved which makes for better and more regular workouts. I personally love it for the endurance and recovery, but it will not bulk you up.

  4. Bulk up by eating more calories, it’s the cheapest way to do that. Like the other guy said supplements will only help with recovery. Faster recovery would mean you could workout harder and more often. Eat lots and work out like a machine.

  5. well im also 15 and needed to get faster and i play football and strength wise i started taking mass-tech and that made my bench go up twenty pounds in about 5 weeks and you start to get big you will get stronger in evey muscle it will help you put on muscle weight but you also have to work out and speed wise creatine it helps with endurance and speed because it hels fast twith muscles and nitric oxide witch works on fast ans slow twitch muscles my speed was crazy i got really fast but the negative thing about mass gainers is that there pretty thick so yeah dont use so much water you will need all the space for the powder my thing is dont let know one know you take them and when you start getting real good at everything than people will freak out right now im taking amplified mass xxx that also works good gnc is were you can get this stuff but if it is gonna be your first time taking supplements you will have to start off light so you get use to it and i also take L-Glutamine and amino acids witch are the building blocks to protien and you will first notics your getting bigger when your muscles start getting thicker mass gainers are what yu need and whey protein makes you fat so i would not recommend that and this is my moms yahoo so if you want to contact me back than just tell her. mass-tech is around 30 bucks and creatine is alot of prices. [email protected] type that on myspce look for friend for more cause i know alot about supps i read about them alot. and im 5’10 215 and know one belives that i way that much you will basically look the same but feel up larger shirts from muscle the more you way the harder you hit and creatine got me to a 4’9 forty witch is good for my size and position i play defensice end or fullback.

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