What supplements can I take to increase semen volume and have more powerful ejaculations?

Peter North sells all these supplements on his websites but I don’t know if they really work. Do you know if they help you shoot farther and more? Have any of you tried anything that really works?

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  1. What are you trying to do, blow her head off? Don’t take any pills, just stop playing with yourself and don’t get any for a while and you will have a huge load.

  2. I’ve been making homemade whole wheat bread and my boyfriend’s energy level has increased dramatically

  3. mabster60 says:

    O for chrissakes, don’t take fake pills that might hurt you.

    Best method is the classic method: don’t have sex for a couple of days. Masturbate until you’re almost there then stop. By the weekend, you’ll blast off like a firecracker.

  4. sweetneats says:

    I heard, that if you stop yourself from coming then let yourself try a little, then stop it and so on, that it will give you a more powerful orgasm, but I’m not a guy and I truly wouldn’t know how to tell you how to do it.

  5. I don’t know but I’d like to know what’s in his supplements, that guy shoots like a gallon of sperm every time.

  6. That stuff is all garbage; don’t waste your money on it.

    Stay hydrated (drink a proper amount of liquid daily), go without ejaculation a couple days, but you can tease yourself a bit. On the third day, you will ejaculate about as much semen as you body can produce and store at one time, and due to the anticipation, you should shoot a little harder.

    There are NO pills/supplements that increase volume.

  7. there are no suppliments that do this. despite the advertisements.

    Just do kegel exercises. that WILL work. and it won’t lighten your wallet. <g>

  8. Have you tried Horse Pills? Interesting…more volume…more powerful…Hmmm. What contest did you enter? Who would notice in the throes of passion? Isn’t the whole point to be INSIDE some receptacle when the time…comes?

  9. Why do you desire more volume? There are suppliments for increased sperm count, if you are trying to father a child, however. These also do increase volume to some extent. I do not know of the Peter North business but the Chinese have used these for many years and are available where herbal medications from Chinese sources are sold. They even have herbs for older men desiring longer lasting intimacy. These work because they have been proven over many years. Some better than others, but one should be in good health to take as they do have one side effect which is an increase in tumor size if one has a tumor. Don’t smoke and take these! Also, they are not to be taken on a regular basis as it can effect the kidneys with long use. God bless. Earl

  10. 17and16hot says:

    somewhere else I read when I was touring in India…the ancient people or some community people used to have Chick peas. yes everyday night take two table spoons full of dry Chick peas and put it in a glass of fresh water and keep it for two days but everyday keep changing the water the third day you can see its sprouting and take it out wash gently and chew and eat these raw Chick peas without boiling.,..,if you try these for a week…sure it works..this is what its written in that….

  11. Rich goldie says:

    One way is to cut down on drinking it helps and
    you will feel hornier and what more wild sex drive. It does make a difference

  12. pops19559 says:

    try a laxitive .30. minutes before you jack off.soon as u start to masterbate and you start to loose your load plug your butt with something tight and tighten your cheeks you/ll never forget your exsperiment

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