What Kind Of Method Is Used In Modern Eye Exams

Modern eye exams vary from being simple to very complex. The simple tests involve nothing more than reading an eye chart while the complex ones involve use of high powered lenses that help in discovering very small structures within the eyes.

Modern eye exams can take an hour to complete or more. It all depends on the doctor as well as complexity of the examination. These exams include the visual acuity test which is going to be the first text that is performed. These exams involve use of projected eye charts that help in measuring a persons distance visual acuity. To measure near vision, the professional conducting the exam will make use of a small sized handheld acuity chart.

Sometimes, you will need to sit through more than the acuity testing and in that case the modern eye exams will also include testing for color blindness. These are used to find out if you have any hereditary color deficiency and also whether you are color blind.

The color test is another part of the overall examination and involves determining how well your eyes work together. This is a basic testing method that is widely used by most doctors. On the other hand, retinoscopy will be used to find out the proper prescription to rectify vision problems.

In this examination, you will be made to sit in a darkened room and then you will need to look at a large target. At the same time, the doctor will shine some light at your eyes and also at a machines flip lenses that is put in front of the patients eyes.

The amount of light that is reflected from the eyes of the patient then helps the doctor determine the proper prescription for the patient. These examinations are normally conducted on children and on patients that cannot answer questions put to them in the proper manner.

Refraction tests are another part of modern eye exams and are used by the doctor to find out the patients exact prescription. In this test, the doctor uses an instrument (phoropter) which is placed in front of the eyes of the patient and then the patient is asked to choose the lens that best enables them to see properly.

The lens that is chosen by the patient will then help the doctor determine which is the proper lens power to help correct the patients defective vision.

A professional optical practitioner should be located as part of routine eye care. Arrange for a comprehensive eye exam on a regular basis.

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