What is the top 4 causes of dry skin?

What is the top 4 causes of dry skin?

Dry skin can be cause by a variety of reasons. The key in healing you dry skin problem is to find the source and cause. The main condition for the skin being dry is something is causing a loss of your body’s natural oils. This loss or stripping away can leave your skin unprotected to the environment. The cause can also be a genetic predisposition to have dry skin. Less often it can be caused by an internal condition.

Misuse or Wrong type of moisturizer all together

One reason why our skin remain so dry after the use of a moisturizer is probably we applied the moisturizer on dry skin. A moisturizer works best if used while the skin is still damp. Also an Organic Oil like Virgin Coconut Oil can be much more effective than a standard lotion. A good compromise is a lotion made with Organic Oils.

Hot Baths and Showers

The longer you are exposed to water, especially hot water, the more likely your are to dilute and wash away the natural body oils that protect you skin and lock in your skin’s moisture. The first step is to choose showers over baths when your have a choice, and take a quick shower. Again the use of a body oil after the shower can reintroduce oils back to your skin. Again an Organic oil such as a Cold pressed oil like coconut oil is the best alternative.

Hot Dry Air

Dry Air is the most common cause of Dry Skin. The winter months are when we expose our skin to the driest conditions either by the heater or outside fighting the dry chilly air. The type of ultra dry air also happens again in the summer. The best thing to use in these extreme months is either a good organic body oil or body lotion. Also using a humidifier in your bedroom can also help a lot.

Your Choice in bath Soap

Soap can quickly strip away the natural oils of our body. Especially the soaps titled bar bars, which you might have thought was better for you skin. In fact most bath bars contain detergents, chemicals, to clean the skin. The chemicals can continue stripping your skin even hours after use. The best choice is to use a very gentle organic soap. Also do not use antibacterial soaps or bath bars. They tend to be much more evasive. It is best to also go with fragrance free or unscented soaps. They are much gentler on the skin. Also gently message the lather over you body instead of scrubbing your skin like your scrubbing the floors!

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