What is the fastest way to gain muscle mass?

I don’t own any weights, and there is no gym nearby that I can go to. What sort of weightless exercises are the most effective for building muscle mass? Particularly the pectorals, upper/lower back, biceps, forearms and triceps.

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  1. thefitnessgugu says:

    hi-there are actually a lot of isometric exercises that you can do and things like that. you can do pull ups at a playground. standing squats with a partner on your back. theres a book, too that i recently read and have been following and it has a lot of different exercises with and without weights that you can do and it has workout circuits and programs that you can follow. its awesome and my dad whos 55 and was overweight without any muscle mass got really jacked from it. if you want to look at it, heres the link.
    hope this helps.

  2. Softball4life says:

    Go o to the store and get some hand weights.

  3. Isometric-Man says:

    I prefer isometric exercises. With isometrics, you can work your whole body, gaining strength and muscle mass, taking only, say, 10-15 minutes a day. The idea behind it is that the key to muscle-building is the INTENSITY more than the duration of the exercises.

    The point of maximum results to your workout is when your muscle fibers are stimulated to their maximum. Take the bicep for example: The bicep is relatively weak when the arm is fully extended. It’s at its strongest when it gets past the 90-degree angle position. So, a good isometric exercise is to start out at that strongest point (90-degrees), and TIGHTEN that muscle as HARD as possible. HOLD that tension for a count of, say 20-30 (until your muscle is fully exhausted). Then slowly relax the muscle.

    Stretch your arm the other direction to fully relax it afterward. This allows your muscle to rest and begins the building-up process.

    Do the exercises each day. And you will be amazed at the results. I have found isometrics to give me the gains of weight training and even better. Check out the article below for more info. I can’t recommend these exercises more…

  4. DO THIS

    3 times a week
    Horizontal push – Bench press variation/angled dips
    Horizontal pull – Bent over row/seated cable row
    Vertical push – Overhead press variation
    Vertical pull – Wide/narrow grip pull up
    Quad dominant – Squat variation
    Hip dominant – Deadlift RDL/SLDL

    Vary you set rep ranges:
    Monday – 5×5
    Wednesday – 3×8
    Friday – 3×10-12

    Make sure you are consuming 1.3 grams of protein per kilo of lean bodyweight and make sure you drink 2litres of water a day.
    Eat properly (YOUR BMR [google it] + 500 clean calories a day)



    100g porridge oats + scoop of protein
    2-3 scrambled eggs
    2 fish oil caps
    2 Glucosamine caps

    Chicken Salad bagel or sarnie

    Baked potato or pasta with tuna + Sweetcorn or chicken breast + salad

    50g of unsalted nuts (through the day) + piece of fruit or 25g beef jerky if i have it

    Pre workout
    1/2 scoop Protein shake + 20g malto or glucose

    Post workout
    Protein shake + 30g malto or glucose

    Large tuna steak, cob of corn, salad, potatoes

    Pre bed snack
    Large spoon of cottage cheese, quark or peanut butter on wholemeal pittabread

    Now for the rules:
    Sort your diet out and eat enough. I mean, REALLY sort it out and work out your calorie intake properly.Squat and deadlift three times a week if you want to get bigger. Get good at weighted chin-ups. Make sure you overhead press at least twice a week. Do some kind of row for every push you do.Never leave the gym thinking you could have tried harder – always leave the gym knowing you’ve utterly nailed yourself. Stop drinking alcohol more than once a week. Don’t waste money on supps other than whey unless your diet is 100% nailed down.

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