What is the difference between a nutritional, herbal, and multi-vitamin supplement>?

Are they under different sub category under supplements? I thought they all contain the same ingredient like if vitamin-c is the supplement then would it be considered a vitamin and an herbal supplement since it is a plant and needed nutrient for ur body. Thanks

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  1. Herbs and supplements are two different things. Your comparing apples and oranges. Herbs are plants that grow in the ground. These plants are taking from the ground, hung upside down and dried. the leaves, stems and roots are used to heal dis-eases. Supplements are used to fill in the gaps in our nutrient intake. Supplements are manufactured from synthetic and natural ingredients. Do some more reading. Your curious. I congratulate you on your query.

  2. Daniel A: Zionist Pig says:

    An herbal supplement is one that is simply a processed plant in capsule form. A vitamin is a mineral/chemical nutrient.

    For example, if a bottle said "St. John’s Wart", that would be an herbal supplement, because St. John’s Wart is a plant. It if said "Vitamin B complex" it would be a vitamin supplement. However, they are both nutritional supplements because they supplement your diet with additional nutrients.

  3. An herbal supplement like Milk Thistle extract contains the name of the plant or herb that the pill contains (feverfew, echinacea, etc.)

    A vitamin supplement lists the vitamins (C, E, B1, B2, B6, etc.)

    A nutritional supplement usually contains one main ingredient (sometimes 2 or 3) like Calcium supplement, Fiber Supplement, etc.

    Hope this helps.

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