What is the best time of the day to take vitamins and supplements?

I take a Multi-Vitamin, a calcium supplement, two omega supplements and a vitamin B supplement. I was told the other day that taking them all together cancels out their effectiveness. When would be the best time of day to take all of these supplements, and which one’s should be taken with food?

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  1. krishnamurthy says:

    It’s best to take in the morning for a few reasons:

    Taking vitamins in the morning actually helps to give you energy, just like how eating the fruits & veggies they are found in would give you energy. This is the same reason you should not take them at night.

    Taking vitamins in the morning also basically just benefits your body more than it would at night. You need those vitamins and minerals to function throughout the day when you’re doing (physical, sometimes mental) work. Your body doesn’t need them at night, since all you’re doing is sleeping. Your body is resting at night; therefore your body isn’t doing any work.

    It’s best not to recommend as to whether one should take the supplements with food or not. The real way to know is to read the bottle. However, it is better to take them with food, just to be safe. It’ll be easier on your stomach and be digested quicker.

    Here are some other vitamin and mineral supplement tips:
    •Calcium carbonate should be taken right after a meal
    •Iron supplements should be taken on an empty stomach
    •B complex vitamins can be taken with food if the B complex vitamins make you feel queasy
    •Don’t take vitamins with alcohol

  2. at evening

  3. The best time of day to take vitamins is probably when it is most convenient for you. Set up a routine time so that you remember to take your vitamins every day. Read the labels of your vitamins. Many vitamins need to be taken in divided doses. If that is the case, spread your vitamin doses throughout the day.

    Most vitamins can be taken with food and so before or after a meal is fine. Again, make sure you read the label on the vitamin bottle. It should tell you if the supplement needs to be taken on an empty stomach.

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