What is the best protein supplement to use?

Of all available protein supplements, what is the best protein supplement for gaining muscle quickly?

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  1. Hi, I'm Sean Toh from Singapore. This is one of the most common question when people are getting started in fitness training ask. Actually, all those protein supplements in the markets are pretty much the same but with slight variation of their contents with addition of other ingredients that some do not have. Protein break down in the digestive system into 22 different amino acids that could be use for repairs and growth. From my years of bodybuilding experience, I used protein supplements in powder form to gain mass in my early bodybuilding years but I will use tablets form amino acids for fast absoption for the body to repair and build muscles when I have enough mass on my structure. Just remember, protein supplements are protein and they serve the same function. It's just a matter of how they market the brands to be the top protein supplements with superstars endorsing them and how much is the quantity in milligrams per serving. Infact, I used Dymatize Nutrition Super Amino 4800mg as my protein supplements which is not very popular but affordable that serve my needs. It's my food that I'm concerned, supplements are just helping to fill lacking nutrients. I hope I have enlightened you on this matter. For more resources, click the links below to learn more. Thanks and have a nice day shopping for your protein supplements in your favourite retail health stores.

    Yours Sincerely
    Sean Toh
    Experienced Bodybuilder & Personal Fitness Consultant

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