What is the best pre-workout supplement out there?

Looking for a supplement that is not to expensive (less then for a months supply) that is really good.
I shouldnt have to take it on an empty stomach.
Which do you recommend?

Please, don’t answer if your just going to say don’t take supplements.

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  1. rockdstarchick says:

    There are thousands of supplements out there. Most of them make fantastic claims, but the truth is, some of them are good, some of them are great but most of them are worthless. So which one’s are best? The top selling supplements are the one’s that work the best. Why? Because people would not keep buying them over and over again if they were not any good. These are the supplements that work the best:

    1. Pre Workout Supplements: The biggest breakthrough in sports supplementation was the development of Creatine. This stuff really works. It makes you stronger. Originally, Creatine had to be taken for about a week before you would start feeling it’s results. But now there are several Pre Workout Supplements on the market that contain Creatine with a Nitric Oxide delivery system. The best way to take these supplements is 30 to 45 minutes before a workout on an empty stomach. You will feel the affects right away. You will get a massive muscle pump that lasts for hours.

    2. Protein Supplements: Your muscles need protein. This is a basic fact. All the weight training in the world will not do you any good if you do not get enough protein. You need at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. You may need more, depending on your metabolism and activity level. It is good to take a Protein Supplement immediately following a workout and in between meals.

    3. Meal Replacement Supplements: Meal Replacement Supplements are similar to Protein Supplements. In addition to protein they contain a perfect blend of nutrients that would be found in a complete meal. For someone who is trying to gain weight and pack on muscle mass, it is a good idea to take 3 Meal Replacement Supplements each day in addition to 3 regular meals. For someone who is trying to burn fat and lose weight, it is a good idea to replace one of your 3 daily meals with a Meal Replacement Supplement.

    4. Multi Vitamin Mineral Supplements: Your body needs vitamins and minerals. An average person can get most of the required vitamins and minerals from food. But an athlete or someone involved in strenuous exercise needs more vitamins and minerals than the average person. A product like Universal Animal Pak not only contains all of the vitamins and minerals that you need, it also contains a lot of other nutrients like branch chained amino acids, digestive enzymes and essential fatty acids.

    5. Fat Burner Supplements: These supplements help speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite. They work really well for someone who is trying to burn fat and lose weight, especially when combined with a cardio training routine.

    There are other supplements that are beneficial depending on each individuals needs, but these are the top five.

    For more information on supplements, go to http://www.theironpile.com and visit the Supplements page.

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