What is Manic Depression And How Is It Treated?

Manic depression or bipolar disorder can occur at any age and affects both males and females. The first symptoms normally begin within the last years of adolescence or in early adulthood. In fact, 50% of the patients with manic depression show symptoms of the disease prior to the age of 20. It’s estimated that approximately 4% of the population is affected by the entire spectrum of the bipolar disorder illness.

Manic depression is really a illness in which the patient experiences either mania or depression at diverse periods of his/her life. In between these phases there could be intervals of normal mood.

The phase of mania is characterized by impulsive behavior, decreased crucial capacity, rapid thought and speech, intense euphoria and feelings of omnipotence, which might trigger excessive spending for entertainment purposes, short-lived relationships, and so on. In the course of this phase the patient experiences excessive optimism that has no realistic basis and hyperactivity that will lead to destructive behavior. The intense feeling of omnipotence increases the sufferers inclination towards hazardous activities, on account of the desire to impress other people and monopolize their interest.

The phase of depression is characterized by loss of power, fatigue, melancholy, despair and feelings of guilt and worthlessness.

The primary functions of the depressive phase are negative thoughts about oneself, negative thoughts concerning the social environment and negative thoughts concerning the future. The sufferer could expertise feelings of inferiority, which could result in isolation. In severe situations the patient may also have thoughts of self-punishment, self-harm and suicidal ideation.

The causes of manic depression are not entirely identified. It may possibly be brought on by chemical imbalances inside the brain or by an interaction among genes and environment. In some situations the disease runs in households. This signifies that people who have a parent with bipolar disorder are more at risk of creating the illness themselves.

The best way to treat manic depression:

The treatment of bipolar disorder is according to the control of the extreme mood changes of the patient. The treatment will actually last for a lifetime, even throughout periods when there are no symptoms of the illness (maintenance therapy). The goal of the remedy is merely to reduce the frequency and severity of manic and depressive episodes. The maintenance therapy is crucial, simply because even an insignificant mood swing can lead to severe episodes of mania or depression.

The therapy typically involves drugs that act as mood stabilizers. Lithium is a medicine generally employed, at the same time as antidepressants and antipsychotics. Along with medication, the patient may possibly also need to have psychotherapy (cognitive behavioral therapy) to successfully treat the illness. Psychotherapy aims to inform and educate each the sufferers and their households concerning the characteristics of the disease. This way people is going to be in a position to recognize the early signs of relapse and seek medical assist on time. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can assist the patients to manage their dysfunctional patterns of thought and behavior.

Manic depression is really a illness which, if left untreated, can have significant consequences both for the sufferers and their families. However, via a long-term therapeutic method, the patients as well as the people about them can lead a typical and creative life.

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