What is good supplement to take to get bigger?

If you have real fast metablolism, and are lifting weights, what is a good supplement to take to build muscle? Not something illegal.

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  1. Protein, protein, protein. Different kinds (beans, soy, rice protein). Creatine used to work but it’s now illegal, as should everything that’s been artificially derived.

  2. escher2003v2 says:

    NO Xplode before a workout, Cellmass after. Works like a charm!

  3. ★ zak™★ says:

    creatine before the lifting, then plenty of protein after.. raw eggs for the amino acids if u can stand them. if not u can get protein supplements or shakes

  4. Benjamin B says:

    supplements just make quicker results but to get the best results, add in hill sprints that builds muscle pretty damn quick and jump rope builds muscle plus cardio. I don’t take supps and yet i’m 210 pounds of merly muscle. Do what you want just suggesting.

  5. peanut_schaffler96 says:

    i do to i am 15 and weight 98 lbs and eat all the [email protected] time the doctore told me to get protien stuff from GNC that buils muscel mass and work out lifting weights and stuff i am 15 still and weight 105 and im ripped

  6. powerandspeedcoach says:

    Muscletech NaNO Vpaor before workout and Muscletech Celltech afterwards. The best peroming combo on the market. That is what I use!

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