What is Cloud Hosting and When is it Right For You?

There have been so many technology breakthroughs lately that it can be difficult to sort out which ones are interesting, which are advanced, and which will alter the way we interact with machines forever. The concept of cloud hosting is very likely going to be the latter-it gives us seamless use of powerful performance tools without having to download individual programs, deal with licensing, or upgrades. In other words, it makes anything that can access the internet extremely powerful without actually occupying a permanent space on the hard drive. This has serious implications that will be discussed further. For personal use this can be terrific, but it’s not really essential yet. Having all your information stored at a remote site handled by a reliable company who gives you access to the programs they have is useful, but it’s not necessary.

Where it really comes in handy is for bigger companies who don’t have time, or don’t want to spend the time, dealing with petty infrastructure concerns that aren’t really a crucial aspect to their business. With big offices, dozens or hundreds of people to manage, what big businesses are looking for is a reliable host with an emphasis on high tech data centres with amazing back up facilities. This really is the key. Big businesses cannot afford a slip up in something as basic as file storing or IT problems, so it makes perfect sense to buy the best, most reliable system so that the focus can be on competing in areas of business that matter. If you’re a serious runner you’ll have the best shoes so that you can focus on running instead of knee and shin injuries-the same is true of bigger businesses who want to stay competitive and on track. For a business to slip up in such a mundane aspect of their business is a totally avoidable tragedy that is unforgivable today given the widespread opportunity to avoid that fate.

Cloud hosting also offers a space that can essentially be rented out by the user (called co-location hosting) so that companies can install and manage their own servers. If they have the know-how and the resources to do this on their own, then they are certainly free to. But for many companies, the greatest asset of cloud hosting is not having to think or worry about such concerns. Having this aspect of the business expertly handled is the biggest asset for serious companies on the move. Indeed, the reason this technology is so groundbreaking and paradigm shifting is because suddenly businesses don’t need to do this on their own. To have a remote space rented out is a nice convenience, but it doesn’t represent the giant shift forward that full on cloud hosting embodies.

Often times technological advances can invoke fear in those who are too timid to learn how to use it properly, who fear that others will harness the change better.

Let cloud hosting take your business further by letting the pros do the heavy lifting!

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