What is Basal Metabolic Rate?

If you are interested in losing weight, knowing your basal metabolic rate is a good place to start. Basal Metabolic Rate, or BMR, is the minimum calorific requirement that a resting person needs in order to sustain life. Or, it is the rate at which the body burns calories. In other words, it is the amount of energy which is measured in calories that is expended by the body if a person was in a state of rest. In humans, it is measured by the heat produced per unit time and is expressed as the calories released per kilogram of body weight or per square meter of body surface per hour. If you are considering losing weight and keeping it off, you should know your basal metabolic rate.

Basal Metabolic Rate and Losing Weight

Basal Metabolic Rate refers to how many calories you need to maintain your current weight. BMR is said to account for 50 to 75 percent of one’s daily calorie expenditure. When you calculate your BMR, you can determine the caloric intake that is needed for weight loss. The measurement of your BMR includes all your body’s functions that require energy, such as digestion, organ support, heartbeat, and breathing.

The metabolic rate depends on the sex and the age of the person. Older people will have a lower and slower rate of metabolism. This is due to reduced cellular activity in the body, Compared to females, males have a metabolic rate that is 10-15% faster. In addition, exercise is needed to improve the basal metabolic rate allowing for the faster burning of calories.

Calculating Basal Metabolic Rate

To calculate your BMR, you can use the equation of adding your weight times 4.4 to your height in inches times 4.7 and taking the sum of that number. Then you must multiply it by your age in years times 4.7. You will then subtract that number from your weight and age, and then add 655. You can also use a basil metabolic rate calculator that is available on various health and weight loss websites. The calculator will calculate an estimate of your BMR and then make the adjustment of your BMR by different factors so that you can view an estimate of the calories you burn a day based on your level of activity. Once you know your BMR, you can determine your caloric needs in your weight loss diet. In essence, you can determine how much exercise you need and your eating level to efficiently lose weight.

The American College of Sports Medicine “recommends that the minimum caloric intake should never be less than 1200 calories/day for women and 1800 calories/day for men. It is important to be aware that a bigger body mass needs more energy than a smaller body mass. As well, muscle burns more calories than fat so exercise as well as healthy low fat and low calorie diet is needed to lose weight. Also, food deprivation only increases your BMI because your body is adjusting to how it burns the energy that it is provided.

BMR is an essential factor in determining how many calories you need to lose or maintain weight. Eating a healthy diet and implementing an exercise plan based on your BMR is essential to any weight loss program and keeping the pounds off.

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