What Is A Soft Cooler?

If you like to spend your summers outdoors and if you are a rather active person, you will find having a cooler invaluable. Nothing is worse than drinking a hot soda but a cooler works to keep everything nice and chilled for an extended period of time.

They are also great to carry when you’re spending a long day at the beach and want to pack sandwiches, drinks, fruits and maybe even a six-pack of beer. Some individuals even use them in order to keep groceries nice and cool on the way home.

Sports equipment stores sell various types of coolers; some are small while others are big. Some are constructed out of softer materials while others are made out of hard materials and very durable.

There are all types of coolers ranging from durable hard coolers to small and easy to carry portable ones which are perfect if you are going to be bringing enough food and drinks for one person. Then you’ve got the really high-tech coolers; thermoelectric ones which uses a fan to draw away heat.

If you want something that is easy to carry then a soft cooler would be best. Some even come in the form of a bag or backpack, making it very convenient to carry around. The most popular coolers are the ones that are portable and easy to carry around. They come in various colors and shapes.

Soft coolers are best suited for short day trips but if you are planning to go in a large group and want to bring a ton of stuff then you are better off with a larger and more traditional hard cooler. The best way to pack items in your bag cooler is to add in a layer of ice between the various items.

It’s also a good idea to fill the cooler completely with ice because it stays cold longer that way. It will stay cold for a long period of time if you open it only when you absolutely have to. Opening a soft cooler frequently will cause warm air to enter and melt the ice. In order to keep items cold for as long as possible, try to keep the insulated cooler in the shade and out of the sun.

If you plan on packing drinks or beer you might want to refrigerate the drinks beforehand. Coolers aren’t great at making drinks cold; the simply keep drinks that are already chilled cold. The summer can be hot and unbearable but you can make life a lot more pleasant by utilizing a cooler.

Written by Samantha Z. Potter – Icemule is a leakproof soft cooler is a waterproof and leak proof soft sided coolers that doesn’t leak. It’s perfect for keeping food and drinks cool when you go camping or to the beach.

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