What is a good protein supplement for vegetarians for hair growth?

I am a vegetarian, and my hair doesn’t grow very fast at all. When I did eat meat, I didn’t have this problem, so I was wondering if there is a supplement I could take to not only increase my intake but stimulate my hair growth.

Does anyone know of a safe, effective vitamin or supplement?

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  1. My hair has never grown fast, even when I did eat meat. (I’m a vegetarian also). I’ve been wanting longer hair for a while and it grows so slowly. So I started taking multivitamins. I think this has been helping…

  2. you know that you could eat beans and nuts, they have alot of protein. peanut butter has protein too. i don’t know if you eat eggs but they have tons of protein in them. you could try that. i don’t know about any protein supplements sorry.

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