What is a comfort bike and why should I get one?

With its environmentally friendly appeal, biking for pleasure, exercise and travelling is more popular than ever. It’s environmental, economical and easy! Gone are the days of cyclists coming exclusively in the form of Lance Armstrong. There are bikes designed with the casual cyclist in mind.

What is a comfort bike? A comfort bike is the perfect hybrid bike. It is shaped like a mountain bike and can be built to handle the terrain of light off-road biking trails. If you are going to bike on a greenway or a boardwalk, a comfort bike is for you.

After the explosion of mountain bikes onto the scene, people realized they enjoyed the comfort of an upright seating postion and sofeter ride. As mountain bikes became more and more popular they were being built less specialized and more for the general market. As these bikes combined the aspects of road and mountain bikes so they became known as hybris bikes.

Hybrid bikes are similar to comfort bikes. They are easier to pedal, like the 10-speeds of yesteryear and yet are rugged enough to handle like a mountain bike. I would not categorize comfort bikes as off road bikes, but hybrids are truly not designed for anything unpaved.

There are typically 3 different levels of bikes depending on your experience and budget. Entry-level comfort bikes will be pretty heavy, with a steel frame designed for longevity, not performance. These bikes can last a few years with the right maintenance and are about the same quality of a low end mountain bike or road bike.

If you can invest just a few more dollars, I recommend going to the mid range. These bikes are also built to last but have aluminum or alloy frames for lighter weights and better performance. They will also be comprised of quality components and suspension. Most comfort, city and commuter bikes will fall into this mid level range. They can handle consistent riding but still provide speed and performance.

The high-end bike will be designed more for performance than durability. These bikes will require regular maintenance and upkeep. These bikes can cost thousands of dollars and are designed more with the biking enthusiast in mind. The components are top-notch and top dollar. The frame is light and often made with carbon or titanium which will bring up the price. These bikes are made to handle the worlds toughest trails or win the worlds most competitive races. A high-end bike is unnecessary for most cyclers.

If you are looking for a bike that can handle light trails and perform well on the roads of your town than consider getting a comfort bike. A quality comfort bike will last for years and perform very well. These bikes are built for the majority of bikers and biking conditions. If you want to enjoy riding on the weekends and have fun racing your buddies than consider a comfort bike because you will love it.

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