What eye surgery is

LASIK is the most prevalent of all refractive eye surgery procedures. Though it’s quite intricate when we take into account the technology wielded by it, superficially, LASIK is a simplistic procedure that takes only about half an hour to accomplish. However, it is the postoperative period of LASIK that is often a source of mild discomfort to the patients afterwards.

Thus your main concern is to stick to a follow up visit schedule, and to heed to your surgeon’s advice on postoperative care. If you find a LASIK surgeon that you are confident with, you will be able to get more information about post LASIK healing times. Custom Lasik, Is it in you? Today highly successful Lasik eye surgery has become the norm and patients and surgeons are searching for even better results.

Overcoming fear requires becoming familiar with the actual facts about the eye surgeries, independent of advertising or marketing hype that has become commonplace. It is often helpful to talk to friends or relatives about their own experiences and how they overcame their fears as well as to discuss your fears with your eye surgeon or even ask to observe others having the surgery and to speak with them. For most people this is sufficient. Knowing this can help you decide whether or not the risks are greater than or less than the value of a successful LASIK procedure.

In general, LASIK allows for a rapid visual recovery. Most patients experience enhanced vision within a few days after surgery. However, don’t expect to jump off the operation table after surgery, the effects are not instantaneous. The refractive error will be corrected at the time of surgery but your vision may be blurry or hazy for the first day at least.

Regular postoperative checkups are pivotal during the healing period, since they help evaluate the recovery progress. The first follow up visit should typically be around 24-48 hours after surgery, and should be followed by regular visits until the first six months after surgery. God forbid, any complications occur, your visual acuity will be restored within a few days.

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