What exactly is Phimosis?

After puberty virtually all males that happen to be uncircumcised can fully retract their foreskin from the head of the penis both when flaccid and erect. Yet it’s not uncommon for certain guys to be incapable of achieve full retraction well into adulthood. Phimosis is a condition in which the male foreskin is overly tight consequently it cannot easily be retracted from the head of the penis. Phimosis has got the possibility to cause infection or considerable pain during sexual activity. Where a tight foreskin does fully retract during lovemaking it may well get trapped below the head of your penis causing it to swell, this is known as Paraphimosis.

So as to put this into context lets explore the structure of the penis. The head or helmet of your penis is called the glans. The foreskin is called the prepuce. The foreskin is attached beneath the urethral meatus (pee hole to you and me) by a y-shaped part of skin referred to as fraenulum or frenulum that’s exactly like the piece of skin that attaches your tongue to the bottom of the mouth. The fraenulum acts like an elastic band during lovemaking and helps to drag the foreskin back over the glans of your penis on contraction.

In some cases the fraenulum could be too short, a medical condition generally known as fraenulum breve, which again stops the foreskin from fully retracting during intercourse. So in conclusion you will find three main potential foreskin issues: 1.Classical Phimosis: The foreskin is simply too tight and cannot easily be retratced over the head of your pensis; 2.Paraphimosis: when a tight foreskin may retract but this brings about it getting stuck below the head of your penis; 3.Fraenulum breve: in which the fraenulum is too short to support full retraction of the foreskin.

The three issues can lead to discomfort, difficulty while urinating and potential infection to the glans of your penis nonetheless they is treatable and often without surgical intervention using simple home treatments like stretching which are discussed in more detail in future articles. While many men do manage to endure the condition of Phimosis it has to be noted that: It can be more difficult to wash your penis and you can emit bad oders produced from a bodily substance called smegma which collects underneath the foreskin, smegma is also vulnerable to infection; Having intercourse having a foreskin which does not retract reduces the pleasure and sensations experienced; Sex without a condom is quite painful for the reason that foreskin is forced back during sex.

So it really is sensible to try and treat the problem. Whats more lots of men go through life suffering from Phimosis without realising it, they assume the discomfort they experience is ‘normal’ which may have negative consequences for their love life and general health.Hopefully this article has been helpful to you in identifying and explaining the issue.

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