What Does Bronzing Indoor Lotion Mean?

These days you will find many different types of bronzers which all work in very different ways. The good thing is that all of them are safe and work superbly in darkening your skin. Additionally, even though you have to be carefull when applying tanning lotion, you will find that bronzers are very easy to use, whether you are a pro tanner or a novice with is still experimenting with tanning lotions.

Bronzers come in many types, with some either containing a natural pigment or DHA (dihydroxyacetone). DHA is naturally an amino acid that is found in sugar cane. It is approved in the United States for use as a safe and effective darkener. Likewise, natural pigments have never been harmful. The two types work together at the top peripheral layer of the skin so that they can deepen the color. While natural pigments are known to tint the skin, DHA brings about chemical reactions changing the color to a darker hue once exposed to skin protein.

The bronzers contained in tanning lotion are known to amplify tans by darkening them. They are designed to give you a darker tan after a very short time with less exposure to rays of the sun. When the skin is exposed less to sunlight, there is a smaller risk of cancer that comes from the sun. The bronzers have a specific type of sun protection, as much as they might be lower in blocking UVA and UVB sun rays.

Furthermore there are no visible risks to health associated with them but it is necessary to apply lotion carefully. A sloppy or uneven application could bring about an uneven tan or some disturbing streaky color. They also discolor clothes and you should be aware that they might very well leave stains on any type of fabric that they come in contact with prior to washing it clean. If you wear dark clothes and avoid over application of the product, it will reduce a likelihood of ruining your clothes with bronzers.Try to wait until you get to the salon before applying this lotion.

The bronzer stays on the skin for a couple of hours after application. This is the reason they continue working to darken your skin for up to about eight hours once the application has been done and even after you have tanned. Do a thorough wash of your hands after you have applied a lotion with bronzer, so that you don’t turn your palms orange.

A lenghty exposure to UVB and UVA rays is considered dangerous. It is one of the risk factors for the cancer of the skin, mostly once exposed frequently and for a long time. Tanning with the use of a bronzer will help darken your skin faster and thus limit time in the sun; however any sun exposure from tanning could cause an extensive damage. This is why you should apply a moisturizer afterwards and preferably use a lotion that contains one as well. There are many good quality moisturizers available now for you to choose from.

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