What Do We Mean When We Say Senior Care Services?

As our elderly loved ones advance in years, new challenges to their physical well being spring up. Increasingly, and quite naturally, they will require extra medical and physical attention in order to maintain their quality of life. Unfortunately, this tends to coincide with reduced mobility (due to loss of a drivers license) and a decreased circle of support (due to the death and incapacity of friends and partners).

In some cases we can take our aging parents into our homes where we can better care for them ourselves, but that is not always feasible -or even necessarily agreeable for that matter. Then there is the option of a nursing home or retirement community, but again this is not always a workable or palatable alternative. Thankfully, there are senior care services which can be provided in the home, which will allow our elder loved ones to maintain their independence not to mention the homes which they worked so hard to make for themselves.

##In Utah, physical therapy can be administered at home

Part of preserving quality of life lies in ensuring that individuals are healthy and strong so that they can make the most of the world around them. A physical therapist can help maintain balance, posture, strength and flexibility.

##In home rehabilitation

A broken bone or joint replacement for a senior individual -perhaps with limited energy and mobility to begin with- can often pose a serious health risk if their rehabilitation is not taken seriously. In home rehabilitation can often make the difference between a full recovery serious decrease in quality of life.

##Diabetes management

Diabetes is a serious concern among elderly patients, many of whom are on various medications that affect their insulin uptake. Diabetes management can include blood sugar monitoring, insulin administration, meal preparation, and diabetic education.

##Ongoing cardiac health programs

The aftermath of a serious cardiac event can require a great deal of diligent care and monitoring. There are extensive senior care services available for seniors who are recovering from a cardiac event of some kind. These include the ongoing monitoring of vital signs, the administration and monitoring of medications and side effects, oxygen therapy, education and awareness of target heart rate, lab draws and so forth.

If you are looking for more information on senior care services, simply go online and Google “Utah Home Health Care” to find a list of reputable providers. Ultimately, the longer your senior loved ones can enjoy the lives they’ve made for themselves the better.

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