What do Amino Acid supplements do for you? And also what do Isotonic Supplement drinks do for you?

Ok, I Play Basketball every single day and i am a skinny guy that does not have huge amounts of muscle (I have muscle btw). However i need to bulk up a bit and gain more strength, i found these supplements and i was wondering if anybody had any Mature responses. I.e – Personal experiences

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  1. right…when everyone talks about eating protein to gain muscle…they are correct…however, what the body does is break the protein we eat down in to amino acids which are the base component of new muscle growth.

    there are lots of amino acids…take a look at this site. I'm guessing you are in the USA (basketball) but it gives a good explanation of what each amico acid does.


    i take l-glutamine which i find helps greatly with muslce soreness after a heavy w/o and when i can afford them, BCAA's.

    i wouldnt even bother with spending money on amino supplements until your diet is 100% perfect for muscle growth and your weights routine is giving you good results.

    for most of the human population, i say that a good full body weights plan is perfect.

    try the stronglifts.com 5×5 plan.

    as you are playing basketball i'd reccommend lifts like squat, deadlift, box jumps, cleans, clean and press etc etc.

    work out your BMR (google it) and start off by eating 500 calories a day above your BMR. if thats still not gaining you weight, add additional calories.

    oh yeah…and isotonic drinks just deliver fast energy in the form of simple carbs and quick hydration.

    good luck.

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