What diet supplements are safe and effective to take while dieting? Doctors or nurses please answer?

I’m trying to lose weight and I am concerned about over the counter diet supplements. It always scares me when I read "not FDA approved" and since I have high blood pressure I wanted to know what is the safest and most effective over the counter diet supplement?

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  1. You don’t need supplements for weight loss, the actual diet matters a lot more. The only one I’d recommend is whey protein for post-workout supplementation, to repair the torn down muscle fibers quickly. The FDA is a joke, it doesn’t matter what they approve, they could not care less about your health, it’s about profit. Foods with trans fats are deemed ok by the FDA. Even worse, they can claim 0g trans fat when there is in fact trans fat in the food.

  2. joseph.hussein.foust says:

    If the purpose of your diet is to get to a healthier weight or lose flab, you don’t need to take ANY supplements, you just need to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, and burn more calories than you consume. You achieve this simply by exercising more. If you use more "fuel" than you consume, you will burn fat and get smaller. It’s as simple as that!

  3. Meillen S says:

    I’m not a doctor or a nurse I don’t know if the information below is
    helpful for you.

    But if you want some information about what the Woman’s World magazine featured on weight loss, you can read the excerpts here:


    The University of Georgia reveals this weight loss breakthrough
    antioxidant "cocktail" mix: resveratrol, soy isoflavones and quercetin.
    According to the magazine that the readers got dramatic results.

  4. abelinks2 says:


    WHETHER you plan to LOSE or GAIN weight, you will need supplements trust me! When Losing weight, you will most likely be required to exercise, trim food intake –thus you will lack energy, thats why you will be needing supplements. Well, for Gaining, obviously you need all there is.

    Try this one, (whats best is they offer FREE TRIAL):

    If they stopped the free trial, just go ahead and read up, or search the web, I be there are more sites that offer trials.

    Good Luck, Stay Healthy!


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