What Causes Panic Attacks In Men?

The first is recognizing that stress has a significant factor in what causes panic attacks. What you need to try to determine, is if this stress is an ongoing issue that is deeply rooted in your thought process either consciously or subconsciously.What I mean by that is often people grow up with generally feeling scared or fearful in everyday life. This could be caused by many deeply rooted factors such as abandonment as a child by either parent, parents who never gave much love to their child at critical development stages in their lives, or PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) brought on by a terrifying experience.Have you ever noticed that some people have a carefree response when confronted with an important life decision, scary experience, or they have a carefree outlook on life and generally don’t seem to get stressed out about too many things?

[What Causes Panic Attacks]

There are many factors which can cause and trigger a panic attack episode. Genetics will play a major factor, if members of your family have experienced a panic disorder than this will place you at a higher risk of developing the disorder at some point in your life. However it is also important to note that some individuals still develop the condition despite no genetic links. This may then lead us to believe that environmental factors are also responsible for the development of the condition.There are also physiological causes. TSD, hyperthyroidism as well as OCD can be a direct cause of panic attacks. It has also been found that people with a low blood glucose level are also at a higher risk of experiencig panic disorders.

Another direct cause of the condition are phobias. If you suffer from a phobia which causing you to become extremely fearful or stressed about a particular situation then this will increase your chance of developing the condition.If you experience high levels of stress in your daily life this will also increase your chances of developing a panic disorder. People in this category should drink plenty of water, take regular exercise and avoid excessive amounts of tobacco and alcohol.Another link to panic disorders is depression. If you experience constant negative feelings then this can may you more vulnerable to developing panic disorders.

There are also certain types of medication such as Ritalin which may cause Panic disorders, although usually when you stop taking this medication the panic episodes will go away.Finally there are some chronic illnesses which may make increase the risk of developing panic disorders.If you suffer from panic disorder or you believe that you are vulnerable to developing the condition at some point in your lfe then it is vital that you seek treatment as soon as possible as if the condition is left untreated then this can have a damaging long term effect on all aspects of your life.

Every person at one point in his life can have panic attacks for different reasons. You felt this when you were called by your teacher in lower grade to recite a poem which you failed to memorize a week before. You had a panic attack when you noticed the girl you admired coming your way. There are different panic attacks causes and most of them can be very simple and fleeting.

However, there are panic attacks can lead to a serious condition called anxiety panic attacks. This is different from the ordinary panic attacks you have had in the past because this time you fear or anticipate something you perceive as a threat whether or not it is real.

A panic attack is actually a natural reaction of your body to things and events that your body considers as a threat. Examples of these are stressful events, a disease, and the likes. These attacks, however, become a disorder when your life begins to crumble because of it. That means you cannot work well, socialize with other members of the community, or simply said, you will stop living like a normal individual would.

When a person starts to manifest actual symptoms their minds start racing. You start to get concerned with your symptoms and you cannot stop thinking about them. All of this concern causes you to manifest other symptoms. and these eventually cause more. This is how the cycle of anxiety starts.

When your body reaches a breaking point. it causes you to have a panic attack to stop the cycle of anxiety. Your exhaustion is what causes panic attacks.and your body does all it can do to stop the feelings of anxiety and fear.

One more thing that could trigger or cause your attacks is taking drugs. I don’t mean taking prohibited drugs, the drugs I am referring to are regular prescription drugs that have an initial adverse effect of panic attacks. There is no need to fret though as like what I have said, this is just an initial reaction to the drug and the chances of it lasting longer than expected is very slim.You may also consider a tragic event, like a lost of a loved one, to be a triggering factor to the disorder. Imagine how stressful and traumatic it could be to see someone die right before your very eyes. That image could stick in your mind and the stress and anxiety it brings about can lead to your attacks.Now you see how many things can actually cause your attacks; and that is just the tip of the ice berg, there are many other things that we can discuss. For now, let me just say that the best way to avoid your attacks, is to avoid stress in general.

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