What bodybuilding supplements work to make you stronger in the gym?

Im so sick and tired of reading flex magazines seeing products that seem like they work but when i try them out I just use the bathroom and get bloated and feel fat. Are supplemens really crap does Jay Cutler and other bodybuilders use Steroids and just make money seeing phony products I thought steroids are illegal please let me know wha supplements will turn me into a pro bodybuilder I do workout and eat good.

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  1. Lots of the products on the market are truly junk and have a lot of filler ingredients. As far as i’m concerned all pro bodybuilders are on the juice.

    But there are some staples in building muscle and getting stronger. And a supplements do play a roll in most of those goals.

    Multiple Vitamin

    and one supplement i have have felt a huge boost of energy which turns into feeling stronger is from superpump 250. If you are not familiar with Gaspari nutrition products this is there most popular one. Its a pre-workout supplement. You can read more about its results and side effects here… https://www.superpump-250.net

    One last thing to mention is water, sleep and there is no substitute for a healthy well balanced diet.
    You will get stronger no matter what if you follow this formula …..eat train grow.

  2. with natural supplements like protein your body will grow into a limited size, thats when steroids is used to pass that limit and get even bigger, its up to the body builder to use roids or not, once your on them you can’t get off them

  3. Henrique S says:

    Im not into all that bodybuilding stuff but i was taught that these protein shakes and all of those things are a load of crap since when they are ingested. the HCL from the stomach breaks up the particles and makes them useless. If you do absorb some protein, it would be in small quantities and it wouldn´t really be efficient.

    Hope i helped somehow

  4. Supplements don’t work. Protein helps but other than that all the other supplements are garbage. Weightlifting and getting big takes hard work and dedication for an extended period of time. Realistically you will only gain 5-10 pounds of pure lean muscle in a year.

  5. Perhaps, you aren’t taking the supps at the proper time or in the wrong quantities. Here’s a timetable of what and when:

    Before Cardio:

    30-40 mins. prior:
    200-300 mg. caffeine (fat burner or energy supplement) (Drenaline, Ripped Fuel, Lipo-6 for example)
    1-2 grams glutamine (amplifies fat burning)
    Oatmeal/barley/cinnamon/apples/walnuts (Don’t use the barley on lifting days. It buffers your insulin response)

    0-30 mins. After:
    20-40 grams of whey protein (rebuilds muscle)
    40-80 grams “fast” carbs (speeds recovery) white bread, white rice, white sugar, fruit in your shake. .(Peaches or Black cherries, usually)

    Before weight lifting; 30-45 minutes before
    5 grams nitric oxide booster
    3 grams glutamine (6 tablets)
    Fat burner or energy supplement
    Small protein shake 8-oz. milk, 1 scoop powder, ¾ cup blueberries. Blend into a shake. Small bowl of oatmeal w/ blueberries.

    After lifting:
    3-4 grams nitric oxide
    3 grams glutamine
    20 Gummi-Bears before showering,
    after shower….
    12 oz. orange Gatorade with 2 scoops vanilla or strawberry protein powder, add ice to make slush or shake

  6. Protein & Creatine

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