What bodybuilding supplement should I take to build my body firm and strong?

I am 24 years old, petite female, would really want to put on muscle weight gain and look firm and strong and toned. I am very slim build and I feel very uncomfortable physically. I plan to jog and invert myself with weights as a form of exercise. I plan to take dessicated liver powder which is safe and glutamine tablets which is also very safe to bodybuild. What other supplement would you personally recommend for me that is healthy and easy to make a recipe drink or take? I have heard of humagro hormopathic pellets, but their reviews are not very good. Thank you so much.

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  1. if your wanting to build muscle try not to do too much running stick to the weights , and youl need plenty of protein , whey protein supplements are very safe and can mix into a shake easily visit http://www.myprotein.co.uk you can buy in bulk and its pretty cheap 2 you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable though …………. good luck and i hope this helps you 🙂

  2. dont do it. no one likes a tank girl!

  3. Whey and Soy protein, taken 30 grams at a time twice a day, should be the base of your bodybuilding nutrition program.
    I recommend MyoPlex, but you can use anything that you’d like.

  4. Vistis Holland and barrett, remember to consult your doctor

  5. Earth to Mars says:

    eat healthy, eat extra proteins don’t worry about designer fitness supplements

  6. *none what is wrong with being feminine.most men like a women to be just that.if you want to put weight on eat good fruit and veg and enjoy a nice tasty steak.red meat is packed with iron and that is good for you.

  7. Good natural foods, 6 to 8 glasses of water per day and exercise

  8. mayday3374 says:

    before you go wasting too much hard earned money on designer products, make sure you have your bases covered.. a solid bodybuilding diet will consist of protein, carbs, and a certain amount of healthy fats. concentrate on making sure you are consuming enough protein and carbs to support muscle growth before you throw away money on other specific products.. 1st and foremost, i would recommend a protein powder supplement. whey proteins are the most common, glutamine is a good amino acid to take but i use the powder, its much cheaper, can be mixed in with water with barely any taste, or added to juice or any beverage. it mixes quite easily in beverages with no clumping. i would also include a good multi vitamin. remember, these are SUPPLEMENTS, they will not do you any good if your diet is bad, or you do not stay consistent with your diet and exercise program.. good luck

  9. peterhambilton does not know the facts about michael jackson because i am a great fan of his an he had a skin disease which he had to have life saving treatment and as a result he had facial reconstruction and the extra surgery he recieved is just human nature to not like a part of your body and he was lucky enough to be able to change what he did not like!!

    The body builder thing is just to have lots of protein and carboyhdrates and nutrients and you should be fine but get lots of fibre because it makes your skin look nice and is very good for your muscles.

  10. marklangham says:

    mayday33 has given you the best advice, deadman7 does not know what hes talking about. mate if you bodybuilding in a serious fashion supps from that place wont do jack. you need to be on proper meds bro

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