What are the side effects and risks of using dietary supplements for weight gain and muscle building?

My little brother has been using these supplements and he just started using a new one called Nitro-Tech Hardcore and he now gets into these stages where his whole body shakes uncontrollably and feels dizzy. What is it in the supplement that is doing this to him? Are there any harmful ingredients in these supplements?

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  1. brandnew1482 says:

    ya theyre mostly just not good for the body in the long run…the best things to take are natural supplements like cla, multivitamins, omega complex, etc.

  2. mayday3374 says:

    nitrotech is basically a protein supplement with some added extras, i believe it has some caffeine in it. your brother may be having this problem if he is stacking several caffeine products in his supplementation, thus causing him to basically overdose on caffeine. pre workout supplements usually contain caffeine, so do weight loss products.. he should look at the labels and start figuring out how much stimulants are in each, then either eliminate one or several products, or stack them differently so the timing is spread out throughout the day. there is a method to stacking supplements so you do not run across this problem. i have always stuck to the basic 3 or 4 supplements and never had any ill effects from them. i use whey protein, l glutamine, creatine and an NO2 product. i also take a daily multi vitamin. i have been using these products for about 5 years now and through my years i have tried a bunch of other products but found they are not that effective and end up being a waste of $.. a good diet and a basic supplement regimen is all it takes. the novelty supplements are expensive and offer little in terms of gains. weight loss and fat loss products simply do not work. you get much better results through diet manipulation and hard work.

  3. Carlo d'Umbria says:

    If you eat a healthy diet you have no need whatsoever for supplements. Most of them are simply scams, others carry risks to your health. Stay away from them. Oh, yes, one of the big side effects and risk of supplements is to your bank account. Watch it shrink.

    By the way, everybody has "a little brother or a friend who . . . . " That’s such a dead giveaway that it’s you. In the future, just be straight with us.

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