What are the most safe and effective non-steroidal bodybuilding supplements?

I work out regularly and have a healthy diet but I’d like to lose more weight and increase my muscle mass as much as possible with the aide of a supplement. Any tips? Recommended supplements?

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  1. tplicious says:

    well first off its kind one or the other! either build mass, or lose fat. very hard to do both together since losing weight consists of low calories, and building muscle consists of eating more calories! LOL

    but the best thing ive done and people i know have done to try to get lean and build mass. is eat healthy calories, but not really low. then take protien, creatine and argine. for getting bigger. also taking multi vitamins and fish oil and glutamine will aid in this goal. the n after lifting , do cardio cardio cardio!!!!!!!! taking a caffine pill helps with cardio, plus caffine helps burn fat.

    those are the safest supplments, all the other stuff is alittle scary to take, unless you really know what your doing, and are a big time lifter.

  2. Chicken H says:

    Viagra and Vagicream

  3. I would suggest visiting a few forums to learn what avid enthusiasts as yourself do to cut the unwanted fat. Go to Bodybuilding.com’s FORUM and similar. Don’t worry it’s not just for the massive BB’ers, you will gain great knowledge not only for working out, but your diet and supplements that work and those that are just making your pocket skinny.

  4. Try hard work and a healthy diet. What you achieve with supplements, legal or illegal will disappear when you stop taking them. It is the safest, cheapest and healthy way!

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