What are the indispensable travel products for her?

When travelling abroad it can be a challenge finding room in your ever so inadequate suitcase for all your essential beauty products. When on holiday, it is the ideal time to preen and make the best of your skin, so make packing easier with top 5 indispensable travel products:

1. Lip Balm

A good quality lip balm should always have a prime place amongst your beauty products. Basking in the sun and then having the odd dip in the pool or sea can play havoc with the delicate skin on your lips, so invest in a soothing lip balm. This essential item won’t take up much space and will be a trusty companion on the beach.

2. Sun Cream

No matter what the weather you should make sure you have applied a good coating of sun cream. There is a wide range of choice for different skin types, and if you’re going to be in and out of the pool go for one that can cope with water.

3. Skin Moisturiser

Spending a day on the beach is great therapy for your skin. Thanks to the Sun, all of that Vitamin D will do it wonders and the sand on the beach will act as a natural exfoliator. However, once you’ve headed home and showered it’s time to apply a luxurious, beautifully scented skin moisturiser.

4. Hand cream

Don’t forget your hands when on holiday. No doubt you will have treated yourself to a manicure before you set off, so maintain those well-groomed hands with a smooth and silky hand cream.

5. Face Wipes

One of the most versatile beauty products available is the face wipe. When in need of a quick freshen up they can be heaven sent. Choose one that is cool and refreshing in the heat.

With these must-have beauty products you can be sure to come back looking sun-kissed and beautiful.

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