What are the efects of taking bodybuilding supplements if you are under age?

I’m talking about creatine, weight gainer etc. Why the age limit? All supplements say for age 16 and over. And what is the best supplement for getting big muscles fast?
And how fast will they work and how much bigger should they get? Interesting one this is!

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  1. There are lots of reasons
    1. you are still growing
    2. everything you put through your body get filtered through your kidneys and liver, creatine can be very dangerous to your body if you don’t properly hydrate yourself and I think these side effects can be magnified if you drink alcohol while on creatine as well
    3. weight gainiers are waste of money in my opinion, I am 6’5 and when I was in high school I weighted only 150 pounds, I lifted, ate 4 or 5 meals a day and took all of the weightgainers I could, you body can only process so much protien and most of it just ends of coming right on out of you
    4. odds are you won’t be able to legally and truly bulk up very fast if you are still 16
    5. I now take muscle milk, it is NOT a weight gainer it is a supplement that is to help you gain lean muscle but I find it is the most effective supplement I have taken and really helps with recovery after workouts
    6. Now that I am 30 and weight a solid 225 it just takes time for your body to stop growing and get the chance to put weight on ( I really didn’t put on the muscle or the weight I wanted until I was 23)
    Best of luck but be careful what you are spending your money on and if you are going to take creatine be very careful to hydrate and follow all directions, and in my opinion skip the heavy calorie weight gainers you will literally be flushing your money down the toilet

  2. goblingobbler says:

    you will explode

    pop pop pop

    hope this helps

  3. mateo12192 says:

    Kids under 16 aren’t enough "developed" so they dont want to screw up children’s bodies.

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