What are the best stomach exercises for women?

Looking at the consciousness of women for their figure and body structure, different stomach exercises for women came into existence. Women love to look beautiful not only by face but also by figure and hence, they search for different ways that can help them in reducing extra fats or calories. Men believe in exercising for building body muscles and abs, while women love to look beautiful by reducing weight and extra fats. Thus, exercises for women are different from men in every aspect.

The top three best exercise for reducing stomach fat (for women):

1: Basic Crunch exercise for women that helps in reducing fat around your stomach: Looking at this exercise will make you confuse but after following the steps correctly, you will get adapt to it. Firstly, you have to lie down on the floor by your back without bending your hands or knees. Secondly, you have to bend your knees at an angle of 90degree via your feet. Lastly, you have to fold your hands above your stomach and have to lift your body without touching the floor. Perform this exercise at least 15-20 minutes splitting into different sets for getting sexier stomach.

2: Reverse Crunch Stomach and abs exercise for women: In this exercise too, you have to lie down on your back without bending any parts of your body. Secondly, you have to keep your hands straight to the hips or above your head for experiencing a straight posture. The next step is to lift your feet 6inches above the ground bending from your knees. This posture helps in getting abs by burning calories and fats. In short, this is the second best way to get sexy slim stomach for women.

3: Oblique Crunch stomach exercise for women: First, lie down on your back keeping your knees bent and try to attain a straight posture before moving to the second step. Now, try to your right foot resting on the floor and lift your left leg across your right leg. Later on, place your right hand near right head and left hand near left part of your head. Slowly twist your hands in such a way that your elbows touch the knee of your lifting leg. Repeat this exercise for 15 minutes every day and have sexy looking stomach!

Some other stomach exercises for women are bicycle riding, swimming, jogging and many more. With the help of the three best exercises described above, any woman can have a flat stomach that is away from fats and extra calories. You can enjoy looking slimmer and fitter with these stomach and abs exercises.

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