What are the best exercises to build muscle mass?

I need some exercises (preferably weight lifts) that will help build muscle mass. I need to gain more weight for football and I definitely need more muscle mass to increase that weight.

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  1. coletrane342 says:

    Building mass requires more than weight lifting…you're going to need to increase your caloric intake as well…a good rule of thumb is 500 calories more a day…and HEALTHY calories. High protein, low fat diets man.
    Exercises to build mass: Bench press for chest and shoulders.
    Squat for lower body.
    Rows for back development
    Those are the three biggies…learn them and how to perform them efficiently…biceps and triceps as well as abs and shoulders will get worked secondary throughout one of those. For mass and density…put on as much weight as you can stand for 8-10 reps. A spotter would help big time. Go to failure. Accept the pain as weakness leaving the body. Hope that helps. Be well.

  2. Michael M says:

    weight lifting

  3. usa_audi_tt says:

    there are way to many exercises to put down on here. try finding a site that's specialized in weightlifting. type weightlifting or bodybuilding into a search engine and try.

  4. Scorpius59 says:

    hauling logs, throwing and stacking hay

  5. Matt Doni says:

    any lifts, just have a high protein diet. also, if you can't push yourself enough to do a high weight, lift a low weight and do a lot of reps.

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