What are good supplements to increase energy?

What are good supplements to increase energy without increasing blood pressure? My doctor told me that Ginko Biloba is a good supplement. Are there any others that work well without increasing blood pressure, especially for seasonal affective disorder?

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  1. jframeisu says:

    Try Vitamin B complex, along with a regular multivitamin.

  2. Bee pollen, siberian ginsing, and vitamin B complex. Green tea extract is good too.

  3. rufhouseof5 says:

    I know a lot of people with SAD find the therapy lamps help a lot. Make sure you are on a good plant based bio-available multi-vitamin and possibly a B-vitamin complex. I would highly recommend taking glyconutrients…they help with overall health and wellness. Sleeping better and increased energy is usually the first benefit I’ve heard from friends & family taking it.

  4. ms.kissel says:

    I have found co-enzyme Q10 a great help good for blood pressure.. good for heart health as well …..be careful of taking st.johns wort if you are taking other medication as it speeds up liver processing of drugs so levels may be lower than therapeutic levels. Gingko increases circulation you could see a herbalist and get individually made up blend of herbs ?? B vits are helpful if your diet is a little dodgy! good luck!!

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